Monday, November 19, 2012

Fashion Challenged? Try E-Gift Cards This Holiday

While not everyone has the impeccable style that you likely possess (as a devout reader of all things fashionable on the intertubes), it's nice to know that there are options for both gift givers and recipients that can make everyone happy.

Yes, I know there are the detractors out there that think gift cards are a complete waste, but let's be honest. Sometimes your taste just doesn't rub off on the recipient and they either will not appreciate a truly fashionable gift, or (and less likely) you're not a fashionista and are afraid to buy an embarrassing gift you know your target won't enjoy.

That's where the ease of using an e-gift card can save the day. I recently discovered a site called GiftZip, which is basically a collection of links that point you directly to e gift card pages of major retailers. In two clicks you're on the site of your retailer of choice and then it's just a matter of filling in some details and POW - gift card in inbox. It's really that easy.

This is also remarkably useful for those last minute gifts when life just hasn't offered you the opportunity to hit your favorite luxury boutique or even stop at a Toys R Us for those never ending toddler birthday parties which are always popping up.

GiftZip to the rescue!

BTW, they're having a contest right now for a commercial for their services and it's pretty funny. Go cast a vote here, or just watch my favorite one. Happy Turkey Day everyone!